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How to Accept Credit Cards for My Business?

Accepting credit cards is both essential and profitable for your business. Accepting credit cards can make it easier to receive money faster.

You have many options to accept credit cards in your business. These are some of our most-recommended ideas:

1) Accepting Credit Cards at Your Business Location (with or with no internet connection)

This option may be chosen by merchants if they don’t have high card transaction volumes or want to protect their customers from the exposure of sensitive financial information via the internet. Merchants can process credit cards via mobile devices using wireless cellular networks. Businesses that did not previously have access to POS systems can now accept credit cards using tablets computers.

2) Online Acceptance of Credit Cards Using Secure Payment Gateways

This is an effective way for merchants without a long operating history or established credit line to quickly start processing online payments through their website. Merchants can have the option of applying for a merchant account so they can accept all major credit cards as well as other popular payment options.

3) In the Restaurant:

Let your customers swipe their card at your restaurant using Dining Card Readers. This is also known as tabletop card processing. The patron simply hands their card to you. You swipe the card on your tablet reader (which looks similar to a wireless telephone), and you are done. There is no need to sign.

4) At the ATM:

Why not let customers use their ATM card to swipe their card? You can make it easy for ATM users to use their debit/credit card to withdraw cash, transfer funds between accounts, or inquire about balances. It’s also a good idea for your business, as the ATM fees are much lower than those charged if the customer comes into your branch to make the transaction.

5) In the Store:

How often have you been told by a clerk that they won’t accept plastic payment when you try to use a debit or credit card? How much time will you waste trying to find an ATM machine to pay for your items? What amount of sales do you lose because your business cannot accept credit cards? How many times have we paid for something with a check, when it would be much easier and more convenient to pay with a credit card? It may be simpler than you think if your store is equipped with the Digital Wallet, which is the most advanced credit card processing system available today.

Customers can use this digital wallet to store all their information, including their debit/credit cards, loyalty card codes, coupons, and other important documents such as identification and insurance cards. You won’t have to spend time looking through your purse or wallet for the right coupon or card to use. What about allowing customers to access their Digital Wallets at your store? What time would that save customers? What number of sales could you lose if you had to ask them to leave the store because they didn’t have your coupons or cards?

6) Online Credit Card Processing:

Online sales are the future. Customers can shop online 24 hours a days, 7 days per week. They also have the option to compare prices across different merchants by clicking on an “online shopping mall” tab. Customers can log on to your website and make purchases, place items into their virtual shopping carts, customize options (such as size and color), enter coupon/promo codes, then check out. How does online credit card processing work? What is the time it takes to receive these funds after the sale? What time will it take for these customers to receive their products? How safe is the transaction? And how can you be sure that there aren’t fraudulent charges against your business account, resulting in unhappy customers and lost revenue?

7) Mobile:

Can Businesses Accept Credit Cards on their Cell Phones or Tablets? It’s easier than ever thanks to mobile card readers. You don’t need an old-fashioned POS system plugged into a landline to process credit cards. Merchants have the option to use wireless card readers, which allow them to process credit cards transactions virtually anywhere. How does it work What will it cost? What is the time frame to accept credit cards via a mobile application?

8) How does credit card processing work for brick-and-mortar businesses?

Customers who own brick and mortar businesses want to be able to use their plastic while in store to make purchases. How can you inform them that they can use their credit or debit cards to pay for the items they need, while they are waiting in line at the counter? You want to make it simple for them to pay, without having to dig through their purses, wallets or pockets searching for the right card.

It can be difficult to understand Credit Card Processing and which option is best for your business. It is important to find a company that can help you understand the process and ensure that you get the best credit card processing service for your business. Balanced Processing Partners can help you meet your needs and keep you within budget. Contact us at (800) 354-6256 or via email: [email protected].