Fraud Prevention

Keep your business safe from reputational harm and prevent revenue loss

BPP employs the latest technology to prevent revenue loss attributed to card fraud while maximizing your approval rates. In service industries, friendly fraud can also become a problem, where consumers falsely claim they haven’t inititated a purchase. For these instances, mitigation is the best strategy such as consent capture, IP verification and other business model specific strategies.

Some other payment specific strategies include:

Address Verification Service:

Address Verification System (AVS) is a tool that detect suspicious transactions and prevent fraud as part of the credit card authorization process by matching the customer’s provided address with the billing address the issuer has on file.  AVS can lower the possibility of fraudsters using your MOTO or ecommerce portal to perform illegal transactions.

We work with you to customize the AVS data collected to ensure safe transactions and to reduce fraud.

3D Secure:

3D Secure is a security protocol designed to add an extra layer of security during the transaction authorization process by shifting liability from the merchant to the issuer by requesting the issuer to authorize and confirm the authenticity of the transaction. In summary, in case of any chargeback, the issuer is liable.

We help you decide if 3D Secure is right for you, such as a large percentage of sales from outside the US.


Tokenization is the process of substituting merchant sensitive card information for a value, known as a “token” that can’t be mapped back to the original data; therefore, keeping your customer’s sensitive data secure. Another benefit of tokenization is that it reduces the merchant’s PCI DSS scope, by storing any customer’s sensitive data directly in our gateway.

Keep your customers credit card data secure for one-time payments and recurring charges.