Chargeback Alerts and Enhanced Monitoring

Any payments provider can give you tools to respond to chargebacks in an automated manner. However, at BPP we pride ourselves on our personalized advice which addresses you situation uniquely. We help you fight chargebacks and adjust your prevention techniques for the future based on your business model, sales channels and available technology.

Chargeback Alerts

Get alerted of new chargebacks and retrieval requests while you still have time to respond. If you need any assistance with your responses, we have chargeback specialists available to review your documentation to maximize your chances of winning.

Enhanced Monitoring

We make sure your business is staying within industry standards for your chargeback and refund ratios on a monthly basis. Unlike many other companies, we also investigate trends and help you adjust your sales process to prevent disputes before they damage your reputation. Is a certain product, website or checkout process causing a problem? We help you identify the source, and fix it for good. Keeping your chargebacks low over time can help lower risk to your business, and even lower your processing rates, saving you time and dollars.